Washed up Meltzer STEALS Dirty Sheets Rousey story

Dave Meltzer’s calling card for the last three years has been embarrassing inaccuracies, and continually giving out the wrong information. In contrast, The Dirty Sheets have been over 95% accurate since our formation in January 2017, often going against Meltzer’s unsourced guesswork, by delivering the correct news.

From the WrestleMania and SummerSlam Main Events to stating Goldberg would headline the Hall of Fame over Batista, we have continually been right, where Meltzer has been completely wrong. Now Meltzer has taken the only step possible to save his declining reputation- STEALING FROM THE DIRTY SHEETS.

Weeks before the Royal Rumble, we gave out BOTH Royal Rumble winners, along with the planned WrestleMania 34 card. This report INCLUDED plans for Ronda Rousey to be featured in a mix tag match. You can see the our time-stamped and dated story from JANUARY 16th, along with our YouTube video, below:

Huge news regarding current plan for Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 34

Fast forward to yesterday, and Dave “no news” Meltzer opted to STEAL out story and not cite The Dirty Sheets whatsoever. To make matters even more disgusting, multiple other websites have incorrectly cited Meltzer as the source, because the wrestling community will never realise that Meltzer is a hack, with no news, no sources and no business being the main source covering wrestling in 2018.

Stealing news from The Dirty Sheets, further solidifies Meltzer’s standing as an “absolute fraud!” You can view Meltzer’s STOLEN news, below. I think you’ll agree, it looks a little familiar.


Please feel free to let Meltzer know about this article, and that you are aware of what he’s doing. The Dirty Sheets will continue to be FIRST and ACCURATE and FREE, until we have no other alternative, but to put our news behind a pay-wall. We await Meltzer’s admittance, acknowledgment and apology.

You can reach Dave via his email address at hsmeltzer@juno.com or tweet him at ‪@davemeltzerWON ‬

6 thoughts on “Washed up Meltzer STEALS Dirty Sheets Rousey story

  1. Actually I noticed this story Breaking out yesterday or so . I was thinking why no one is Giving you credit and everyone is giving credit to Meltzer. Why do People do this?

    1. Because this industry is monopolised by a few sites, even though they don’t have any sources. People don’t want us to grow or succeed. Marks are too brainwashed to change who they get their news from, so they refuse to believe a new site like us can be 95% accurate.

  2. While I don’t agree with a lot of this sites biased in some of the postings. Like wishing Roman Reigns would get in trouble and things of that nature. You guys are by far the most accurate wrestling news site out there and Im appreciative of that.

    1. I think the Roman comment was said as joke, and only because we prefer Braun. We also aren’t just a generic news service, we like to add jokes and opinions.

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