Mixed Match Challenge continues to be an epic failure

As previously reported, the numbers for the Mixed Match Challenge fell extremely short of expectations on week one. Unfortunately for the WWE, things have gone from bad to worse. Here are the peak live viewership peak numbers for the first three weeks:

Episode 1: 135,600

Episode 2: 91,900

Episode 3: 62,400

As per usual, Dave Meltzer claims to have a story about the matter, by simply stating the OBVIOUS. Meltzer stated:

“Even before this week’s numbers came in, we had heard they were very unhappy about the huge drop from week one to week two and key people were already souring on it.”

I think you’ll agree, this is as obvious as someone stating the sky is Blue and that Vince McMahon likes Roman Reigns. We’ve previously mentioned that Dave Meltzer no longer has any sources within the WWE, therefore, stating the absolute obvious and guesswork, is probably the best you’re going to get from him.

2 thoughts on “Mixed Match Challenge continues to be an epic failure

  1. I don’t understand why take a dig at Roman Reigns there. But, I can’t believe anyone thought the mix match challenge would do well. Mixed tag matches can be ok if you take two people who are feuding and mix the teams every once in a while but to do it as a regular event gets old quick.

    1. It wasn’t a dig at Roman Reigns. It was an example of the obvious. Being liked by your boss is a dig?
      WWE seem to not realise that people don’t care about a bunch of meaningless matches, thrown together for no reason. They’ve forgotten how to book feuds and storylines and as a result, more and more people will “forget” to watch

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