Patreon Exclusive: The REAL TRUTH about Booker T & Corey Graves

After their very public spat, Booker T decided to invite Corey Graves onto his “Heated Conversations” radio show,  to air out their issues, live on the air. When Corey appeared, the pair revealed that the entire incident had been a work and mocked fans and media outlets for buying to their feud. Booker T adopted the narrative that he was actually happy to be moving on to the pre-shows. Graves noted that they weren’t try to accomplish anything and they were “goofing off” and “just having fun.”

You can listen to the audio, below:

However, after speaking to our sources, The Dirty Sheets can exclusively reveal that the incident was NOT a work! According to our source, Vince McMahon had words with Corey Graves on Monday night after Raw, after Graves made a comment to Jonathan Coachman……….

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  1. Bolocks you wankers. I would rather believe Booker than you and your made up sources. Name them if your imgaginery sources- guess they are the same ones that told you Neville was returning last year. Castrating the marks indeed.

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