The REAL TRUTH about Corey Graves & Booker T

After their very public spat, Booker T decided to invite Corey Graves into his radio show to air out their issues, live on the air. When Corey appeared, the pair revealed that the entire incident had been a work and mocked fans and media outlets for buying to their feud. Booker T adopted the narrative that he was actually happy to be moving on to the pre-shows. Graves noted that they weren’t try to accomplish anything and they were “goofing off” and “just having fun.”

You can listen to the audio, below:

However, after speaking to our sources, The Dirty Sheets can exclusively reveal that the incident was NOT a work! According to our source, Vince McMahon had words with Corey Graves on Monday night after Raw, after Graves made a comment to Jonathan Coachman during the broadcast, where Graves said, “be careful Coach, you mind up doing radio.. locally.”

McMahon confronted Graves about why he would say this about a friend of his, who had been with the company for so long. It was at this point where Graves had to reveal to McMahon what Booker had said about Graves, and proceeded to play him the footage. Whilst Triple H was aware of everything, McMahon was completely unaware of the situation prior to his confrontation with Graves. It’s being said that McMahon was actually unhappy with Triple H for not bringing the situation to light. It’s also being said that Triple H went to bat for Graves, with some feeling that Triple H did this because Booker and Triple H have never seen eye to eye, dating back as far as 2003, when Triple H lobbied to have the finish to his WrestleMania 19 with Booker T changed from Booker T winning, to Triple H winning.

In the end, McMahon contacted Booker T and ordered both men to squash the situation, and Graves and Booker collectively came up with the idea for Graves to appear on Booker’s radio show. McMahon agreed to the proposal.

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