Kayfabe Lies: Secret life of WWE Superstar revealed

[/spp-transcript]Kayfabe lies completely make up a story to fill in the blanks that the WWE writers did not.

Our sources have informed us that a man alleged to be a current WWE Superstar, walked into a bar one night to play a game of pool. He continued to do this every night, for many months, disguised from head to toe. The Man would allegedly go straight past the bar, never stopping for a drink, and would head directly to the pool table.

Reports indicate that the man in question was a phenomenal pool player. Night after night, he would display his remarkable talents. During the course of the night, the man would win 100s of dollars, betting against his opponents, and one by one, they would fall. Unfortunately, he would never get to keep the money, and every night would end the same way. The owner of the bar would assemble a group of men, wait for the man outside and proceed to beat him mercilessly, in order to steal his hard earned cash.

After several months of senselessly returning to this bar, despite regularly being ripped off by the establishment, the man returned to the bar once again. It was a particularly busy night at the bar and the pool table was heavily occupied. Seeing that it looked like it would be over an hour before he could get a game, he decided to go to the bar for a drink. The female bar tender looked at the man’s beaten face and asked him, “why do come here every night, when they do this to you?” The man replied, “I guess I just love to play pool and showing off.” The woman replied, “seems more like you love an abusive relationship honey.” The man laughed and asked the woman her name. The woman replied, “my name is Sarah.. Sarah Jane. What’s yours?” The man replied, “my name is Dolph.. Dolph Ziggler.”

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