Crunch WrestleMania talks set for tomorrow. Main Event in jeopardy?

It’s fairly common for a PPV to booked and finalised on a Friday. It’s been happening for years. Prior to The Dirty Sheets working with the WWE’s Brian James to kill the betting line swings, the betting lines would often give away the results by the weekend. That was until we advised the WWE how to get around this, by simply putting money on the people who were going to lose the matches- thus, making modern day betting lines, fairly meaningless.

However, this Friday is VERY DIFFERENT, as Friday’s booking meeting will not only outline the results of the Elimination Chamber PPV, but will also determine what the WWE book as their major WrestleMania matches.

The Universal Championship match has been set for sometime, however, The Dirty Sheets revealed several weeks ago that the WWE were looking at contingency plans, based on the current Roman Reigns’ steroid scandal. Well, it now seems like the scandal is about to take another twist, with threats of Jon Bravo releasing a second video providing concrete evidence that Reigns was a major steroid client, set to emerge. Our sources tell us, although unlikely, there are now real talks about going with Braun Strowman over Roman Reigns, with the company highly concerned about this new evidence emerging and categorically incriminating their top star.

You can view the previous Jon Bravo video, below:

The WWE must now determine if they take the gamble with Roman Reigns, or change a plan that was laid out 11 months ago. Could WrestleMania’s Universal Championship match, which has been certainty for so long, be changed at the last minute? We doubt it, but the company are 100% going to be discussing it this Friday. Ultimately, it’ll be determined by Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon only.

7 thoughts on “Crunch WrestleMania talks set for tomorrow. Main Event in jeopardy?

  1. Any chance Roman-Brock isnt the main event aka closing match but is still on the card as your orginal article alluded to a few weeks back?

    1. Yes, I think think this may be likely. I think they may commit to Roman this Sunday, then drop the match to the Midcard if the evidence finally leaks. I can 100% confirm, the fear within the company is REAL

    2. Yes. That’s more likely than Roman not winning this Sunday. The fear of new evidence is legit, but Roman is Vince’s guy. The back up plan to put this match on the Midcard is more likely, given something else leaks.

  2. People actually are dumb enough to be conned by Bhatti-Boy & PAY HIM? Holy hell, people are easily conned

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