Future Main Eventer likely to receive NXT deal soon

Vince McMahon, who rarely gets involved in the recruitment of new talent these days, has specifically requested that Triple H and his various scouts keep an eye on one particular talent who he’s said to be extremely keen to sign.

Cedric Rougeau, son of Jacques Rougeau, who formerly played The Mountie character, is a 6’7 315 pound monster with Hollywood good looks. Our sources have revealed that, McMahon previously said that he would meet with Jacques and Cedric several months ago, when the WWE were in Montreal, but instead, sent Triple H to take care of matters. Since then, it’s being reported McMahon has learnt more about Cedric’s size and appearance via a recent phone call with Hulk Hogan, and after seeing images of the star, Cedric is now said to be at the top of the WWE’s watchlist.

McMahon trusts Triple H with knowing when and when to not bring up a talent. Despite being good friends with Scott Hall, Triple H advised Cody Hall to stay in the indies to gain more experience, before coming to NXT- the same advice which was given to Cedric Rougeau. However, with Vince McMahon being fans of both, it’s almost a guarantee that you will soon see both prospects arrive at NXT, with both likely to receive huge pushes.

The feeling is that NXT is full of talent right now, with the recent signings of EC3 and Ricochet, and with the likes of Undisputed Era only signing last July. Plus, the brand have many blossoming stars, such as Aleister Black and the Velveteen Dream. The brand also have Donovan Dijak waiting to debut. Dijak, like Hall and Rougeau, was another name whom the WWE monitored carefully for several years.