Patreon Exclusive: MAJOR heat on TWO top WWE superstars

There appears to be major heat on two WWE’s top superstars.

According to our sources, Vince McMahon is said to be fed-up with Bray Wyatt. The issues with Bray started several months, when the Dirty Sheets exclusively reported that Bray’s ex wife had dragged the WWE into their divorce proceedings, by demanding that the WWE release information about his earnings.

A backstage source has now revealed that the situation has become worse, with Vince McMahon said to be unhappy with Wyatt’s physical condition and performances. The Dirty Sheets received information tonight, regrading Wyatt’s performance against Matt Hardy. The source stated:

“(Vince) was pissed he was not in character during that match and looked like s*it. Looks like he doesn’t care anymore.”

In addition to Bray, there is also significant heat on……..

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