Patreon Exclusive: Addressing the Cena vs Mysterio rumour

There was a rumour started yesterday, stating that John Cena would be facing Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 34, instead of The Undertaker.

Before we address the rumour, let’s address the source, Justin Barrasso. Who the F*CK is Justin Barrasso? What news story did he ever break? Wasn’t this the same moron who reported Dolph Ziggler had re-signed for $1.5 million per year? Let’s re-visit his most significant story to date, by clicking the link, below:

Rumour Killer: The REAL Truth about Dolph Ziggler’s salary

We strongly suggest that immediately change their main wrestling correspondent, before they become an irrelevant clickbait joke in the wrestling industry, joining the likes of Sportskeeda and Give Me Sport.

The current WrestleMania plan for John Cena is……

To read the rest of this story, go to:

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