SCUMBAG Meltzer STEALS our story AGAIN

We don’t need to say anymore! All of our patrons know exactly what’s happened AGAIN!

The PROOF is below:

We all recall him stealing the news about Ronda Rousey’s Mixed Tag Team match and reporting it THREE weeks after us. It appears that Meltzer has now pathetically resorted to stealing our news and hoping his larger following don’t realise, as his unsourced guesswork isn’t cutting it any longer!

This was never more evident than when he embarrassed himself, as usual, by reporting this:

It goes without saying. Dave Meltzer is a washed up joke with no news and sources.

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5 thoughts on “SCUMBAG Meltzer STEALS our story AGAIN

  1. While you are right here Dave is much more available than you guys. I love this site and you are the most accurate. But, Dave is everywhere. He has his podcast. HIs comments can be found on youtube and all over the net. The fact that he reaches a bigger audience is the main reason for him getting credit.

    1. Yeah, we point out he’s using our news and giving it to a bigger audience. But he’s a millionaire. You don’t step on people. Crediting the site would do wonders for us, but he steals instead, knowing we’ve been better than him for 15 months. Therefore, he’s a scumbag

  2. Why don’t you just jump off a bridge mate? If this kind of trolling was all I had to live for, I wouldn’t want to live another day.

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