Exclusive: Brock Lesnar REFUSES to wear “any of that sh*t (WWE merchandise).”

More news has reached us about Brock Lesnar’s conduct over the weekend.

When given his WWE gloves and WWE Suplex City, Chicago T-Shirt, Brock Lesnar allegedly told the road-agents, “I’m not wearing any of that sh*t,” and proceeded to walk out without the gloves or the T-shirt on. It is now abundantly clear that the situation between the WWE and Lesnar is at breaking point.

The WWE released a videos of Lesnar’s match on their Twitter account. According to our sources, the WWE are planning to play up the fact that Lesnar is being difficult, as a way to potentially get Roman Reigns cheered. The Dirty Sheets are predicting that this will fail.

You can watch one of the WWE’s video, below.

The Dirty Sheets exclusively broke the news about WHY Brock no-showed last Monday, which included the revelation that he called Triple H a “motherf**ker.”

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