Patreon Exclusive: Why tomorrow could change the face of WrestleMania

Tomorrow could be D-day for the current WrestleMania 34 Main Event. Tomorrow appears to be the day when…..

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6 thoughts on “Patreon Exclusive: Why tomorrow could change the face of WrestleMania

  1. Looks like tommoro came and went. Where’s the update? Also, and what point do you acknowledge or attack this person’s credibility?

    1. He said yesterday. I have no idea why he’s not released it. Obviously he has no credibility, he’s in jail. However, if he released a recorded phone call, then he immediately has it. It’s a wait and see situation, that’s what WWE are doing

  2. Looks like the day after tommorow has came and went as well. At what point does the most accurate WWE newsite put out an article questioned the credibility of these accusers?

  3. So Rodriguez now stating it was Luther “Reigns” at what point do you attack this guys credibility. Love this site and by far the most accurate when it comes to WWE news and rumuors but this story needs to be updated.

    1. Now he’s stating he knows Roman and Luther are different people. At this point it isn’t about what he’s saying it’s about credibility in which he has none.

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