The REAL story about Brock Lesnar missing Raw. Why did Brock call Triple H a motherf**ker?

After trying to put the pieces together for 5 days, we finally have enough information from various sources to accurately put together the REAL story about why Brock Lesnar walked on the WWE on Monday.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were flown to Vegas by the WWE and were booked into the same Hotel as the WWE talent. In his mind, Brock was there a day early to have talks about a new contract, however, the WWE had other plans.

The WWE only wanted to get Brock in for more dates, and wanted him to sign a mini-extension. This is because Brock would be OVER his dates if he appeared at all the Raws and houseshows he’s being advertised for. Brock Lesnar made it clear that he wasn’t interested in signing anything to do 4 extra dates and was there to talk about a new contract.

When the new deal was bought up, Vince McMahon asked Lesnar about his dealings with Richard Rodriguez, the in-prisoned drug dealer who is working with film maker, Jon Bravo. Unlike Roman Reigns, Lesnar ADMITTED that he had, had some dealings with Rodriguez. It was at this point the WWE hid behind this and told Lesnar that they couldn’t commit to a new a deal until they saw what Jon Bravo released. We say hid, because our sources believe that the WWE have no intentions of offering Brock a fresh deal, feeling they’ve done all they can with him. Therefore, it’s highly ironic that the WWE scripted Roman Reigns to say that Brock Lesnar “hides behind his contract,” when the WWE are hiding behind an allegation.

It was this point Brock Lesnar became annoyed with McMahon and decided to point out an irony of his own. Brock pointed to Triple H, who was also in the meeting, and said, “you think that’s a reason, when this motherf*cker gets on the f**king Arnolds for every Mania!” It is believed at this point that Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon calmed down the proceedings and that the meeting ended with nothing signing, meaning that the WWE will only have Brock for a limited amount of dates on the road to WrestleMania.

It was after this meeting that Brock Lesnar met with Dana White on the Vegas strip (below). Brock Lesnar left Vegas the next day and went straight home, without telling the WWE. Lesnar obviously felt that skipping Raw was acceptable providing he fulfilled the remaining number of dates on his contract. The WWE managed get hold of Paul Heyman, who explained to the WWE that Brock had gone home to cool off, but that he was intending to wrestle in Chicago at the weekend.

It’s worth noting that Brock Lesnar’s preferred option was and is the WWE. Especially after the Jon Jones hearing went very badly, killing off any hopes of doing Lesnar vs Jones. Whilst Lesnar will make more money returning to the UFC, Lesnar knows the WWE option is much easier for him. The perfect scenario for Lesnar would probably be to sign for the WWE for 3 more years, but still fight 2-3 more times for UFC during that contract. If that were possible, Brock would be able to earn $24 million in 3 years, as opposed to the $9 million he would exclusively earn from WWE or the $15 million he would earn from an exclusive 3 fight deal from the UFC.