Exclusive: Current Wrestlemania plans for Shane McMahon

We never sit on news we get given, our sources have been too reliable over the last 15 months to doubt anything we are given. However, I must admit, we did sit on this story for several days.

The original plan for Shane McMahon was to team with Daniel Bryan against Zayn and Owens, but this was nixed when the match was laid out to Bryan, and Bryan wasn’t willing to stand on the apron for 95% of it. After that, the WWE intended to shoe-horn Dolph Ziggler into Bryan’s spot, making it Ziggler and Shane vs Owens and Zayn, with Bryan as the guest referee. The company even began building towards this, by having Ziggler face both Owens and Zayn on TV in recent weeks.

However, following a booking meeting last Tuesday, the current plan is to do Shane McMahon vs…………….

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