Article: Roman Reigns is NOT over. FACT. Believe that!

Wrestling YouTuber, JD from New York, has been receiving flack from internet trolls for several days regarding his recent comments about Roman Reigns. JD is on Twitter, @JDfromNY206, and his YouTube show is called Off the Script.

JD applied some very basic logic to the Roman Reigns and Jon Bravo situation, where Bravo is now insinuating he may have mixed up Roman Reigns with Luther Reigns. Given how irrelevant Luther Reigns has been for so long, JD put forward the possibility that this may be a huge cover up and that the WWE could have got involved and paid off Bravo to protect Roman Reigns. To The Dirty Sheets, this certainly isn’t a far-fetched theory.

Unfortunately, as The Dirty Sheets can relate to, JD has been receiving a tonne of flack from the IWC for daring to put out a logical and contrarian opinion, with many suggesting that he simply hates Roman Reigns and is allowing this to cloud his judgment. Like many others, including ourselves, JD has questioned if Roman Reigns deserves his spot and has especially questioned if he deserves to headline his FOURTH WrestleMania in a row.

The debate really caught fire when JD suggested that Roman Reigns isn’t OVER. Rather than debating the subject, The Dirty Sheets have decided to weigh in some actual FACTS, and these facts clearly point to the fact that ROMAN REIGNS is NOT OVER.

Roman Reigns isn’t over in every statistical metric you would use to assimilate if a guy is over or not. This goes beyond walking into any toy store and seeing that the Roman Reigns figures are all still there, or the fact that he’s booed mercilessly at every show he’s booked on, despite being pushed as a major babyface.

The fact is, Roman Reigns significantly trails the merchandise numbers of John Cena, whilst John Cena was the top babyface. To make matters even worse, Cena STILL outsells Reigns at every show the pair are both booked on. In addition to this, Roman Reigns has NEVER lead to an increase in ticket sales. In fact, in the last year, the WWE have had to bolster shows in big cities with the likes of Triple H, Kurt Angle, John Cena and Brock Lesnar, to compensate for the fact that Reigns has no drawing power. And finally, a metric that even the most blinkered fan can see for themselves, Roman Reigns has never moved the TV numbers. These ratings are accessible to every fan, every week and are even broken down into quarters. With Roman on top, the WWE have garnered their worst ratings since 1996.

Therefore, when it’s said Roman Reigns isn’t over, this is NOT an opinion, but a cold hard FACT. Sorry marks.

2 thoughts on “Article: Roman Reigns is NOT over. FACT. Believe that!

  1. Bollocks. This article is nothing more than a hateful malicious hatchet job. Rather pathetic. 1. Irrespective of whether Bravo is a con man or not it is not inconceivable that many WWE & UFC workers are using PEDs. Their physiques don’t lies. However, Pro Wrestling is not competive & results are determined so steroid use does not affect results. If if someone want to pollute his body he can be my guest. 2. Comparing the merchandise/ ticket sales of amainstream B star like Cena with a simple wrestler like Reigns or any other WWE is dumb. WWE caters for pre teens whose parents purchase toys, merchandise & tickets. None of these people boo Reigns. 3. RAW is on the road 4 times a week. HHH has not wrestled this year. Between them Lenar and Cena have not wrestled more than 6 non RAW shows this year. 4. Ticket sales are down because there is too much wrestling at a time when wrestling is not cool. 5. WWE is making more money for its shareholders than ever before.their stock doubled over the last year& the distribute dividends.
    Stop acting like know it all wankers.

    1. The article pointed out pure facts. Sorry those facts have lead to you shitting in your nappy! You Roman fanboys are hilarious 😂

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