Exclusive (Rumour killer): Vince McMahon sick of Rusev Day?

What’s the main the difference between “Rusev Day” and the “10” chant?

The answer is millions of dollars, millions of dollars, millions of dollars.

Another fraudulent dogsh*t wrestling news reporter published a story over the weekend, claiming that Vince McMahon was sick of the “Rusev Day” chant, just like he was sick of the “10” chant.

I can see how he got there. Vince is an irrational petty old man, who gets annoyed by a chant, so let’s post a bulls**t story about him hating another chant. The difference that this incompetent hack over-looked was, was the fact that, Rusev is currently among the TOP 3 merchandise sellers in the company and is projected to remain in the top 5 during WrestleMania weekend. He’s expected to drop 2 places, as WrestleMania branded merchandise is always No.1 and the WWE are also expecting big sales from The Undertaker and huge growth in Brock Lesnar (Suplex City NOLA) and Ronda Rousey T-shirt sales. However, Rusev is actually expected to do better than John Cena and Roman Reigns, given the percentage of smart fans.

Regardless of where Rusev Day merchandise finishes in the WrestleMania sales chart, his merchandise is pulling in millions dollars for Vince McMahon, something “10” merchandise has never achieved.

And that, that is the difference, between “Rusev Day” and the “10” chant, and that is also the difference between this website and clickbait FAKE NEWS garbage sites.