Exclusive: Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar storyline is NOW a work

Last night on Raw we saw Roman Reigns suspended by Vince McMahon for “shoot” comments about Brock Lesnar. These comments were obviously scripted and Brock Lesnar did NOT actually no-show Raw, unlike two weeks ago.

We exclusively reported that Brock Lesnar refused to sign a mini-extension in Las Vegas on 25th February, meaning that the WWE can only use Brock for four of the eight dates WWE had him advertised for.

The WWE are clearly opting to now use this as a storyline, designed to get Roman Reigns over as a babyface. Reigns is now cast in the role of the guy who works hard, always shows up and is anti-authority, thus making him cool. Lesnar is being cast as the guy who hates people, doesn’t like wrestling and doesn’t turn up for work.

Despite all of this, The Dirty Sheets are predicting that it will fail and Brock Lesnar will be overwhelmingly cheered at WrestleMania and whenever he appears opposite Reigns. Roman Reigns will NEVER get over as a babyface.