Patreon Exclusive: Has backstage heat led to Sasha Banks vs Bayley being pulled from WrestleMania?

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Sasha Banks vs Bayley has been pulled from the WrestleMania card. We have previously commented on how Meltzer no longer has any sources in the WWE, which is why his accuracy rate sits at 5%-10%. However, on this occasion, Meltzer’s purely speculative guesswork is likely to be right, given how full the WrestleMania card already is.

Banks vs Bayley seemed certain to be on the show, given that the company have been building the match for several months- with our sources confirming that it 100% was. However, things have significantly changed in recent weeks, with our sources reporting that both girls have significant heat with WWE creative, and that Bayley suprisingly has even more heat on her than Banks does.

Things turned sour with Bayley in early January, when the WWE’s 4 Horsewomen were told that the 4 Horsewomen of WWE vs the 4 Horsewomen of MMA match was being canned, in a favour of Mixed Tag featuring Stephanie McMahon going against Ronda Rousey.

This lead to Bayley posting a negative tweet about the decision.

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