The Dirty Sheets FIRST AGAIN as Bryan is cleared to return

Let’s all recall this story back in January:

Daniel Bryan tells WWE, “use me or lose me.”

Whilst the other clueless, no source, fake news sites, had already consigned Daniel Bryan to Japan, we were the ONLY source on the f*cking planet telling you there was a chance in Hell that this would happen!

We own the news! I’m embarrassed for the other sites at this point.

2 thoughts on “The Dirty Sheets FIRST AGAIN as Bryan is cleared to return

  1. I’m embarrassed for the entire IWC and media. Bryan has been growing his hair for some time now, and if you were listening at the time of his retirement, Brie made him cut off his hair at that point which he was not happy with. As soon as I saw Bryan wairing a hair band it was nailed on! Same as it was blatant Taker was returning when he was seen with long dyed hair.

    1. He was always going to wrestle, but everyone was reporting it was Japan, like WWE was a write off. We were the only ones reporting that he’d passed enough tests for them to allow him to do a bit part match. Obviously, he fought that until they conceded fully clearing him. But these other shitty sites had no clue. They all rely on Meltzer, who’s utterly disconnected from WWE

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