JBL confirms what we’ve always said.. Dave Meltzer is full of sh*t

In what is an early contender for the tweet of the year, JBL confirmed what The Dirty Sheets have always said.

In the past 15 months, The Dirty Sheets have hit the scene and have embarrassed Dave Meltzer month after month. Whilst he continues to post information that comes to fruition under 10% of the time, we have continued to be over 90% accurate since our inception.

You seriously have to take JBL’s point into consideration, when a guy from London can start a wrestling website, and within 15 months, destroy the credibility of the man who has been long considered the No.1 source for wrestling news and rumours.

We can categorically confirm that Dave Meltzer has no sources and has had no sources for several years. He will continue to be wrong month after month, year after year.


  1. He used to be reliable, it’ll happen to you eventually. Stop being a prick.

    • When you work for something and then have someone else credited for your work, you’d be a prick too. I’m the prick they make me be. Plus, I set out to do this solely to expose him. Listen to Bruce Prichard, he’s NEVER been reliable. Eg- Papa Shango would be Kane’s brother 🤣