Exclusive: Meltzer puts out BULLS**T story about Daniel Bryan

It never ceases to amaze me how forgiving the wrestling community are towards Dave Meltzer and how often they are willing to overlook his inaccuracies.

Meltzer has maintained a record of being less than 10% accurate over the past decade, yet, he’s still the most cited wrestling journalist on the planet.

Unlike The Dirty Sheets, Dave Meltzer has been WRONG throughout the Daniel Bryan saga consigning him to Japan, whilst probably foaming at the mouth at the prospect of Kenny Omega and Daniel Bryan having a match in Japan, so he could award it 7 stars.

Whilst Meltzer has been completely wrong, The Dirty Sheets were on top of the story, posting news that was contrarian to every other wrestling site. You can read our exclusive story, below:

Daniel Bryan tells WWE, “use me or lose me.”

As you can see, we were the ONLY news site who gave any indication that plans were in place for Bryan to return. We also spoke about the matter on podcast after podcast from December until the announcement. Yet, suddenly, despite being completely wrong and misinformed for the past 5 months, the wrestling community continue to turn to Dave Meltzer for further news about Bryan’s return. This would not happen in any other industry in the world.

Here’s a SPOILER for you. He’s lying to you. Meltzer managed to lure people in with a fabricated story that sounds real enough to be true- that being that Daniel Bryan’s return is conditional, and that he will undergo concussion testing after every match!


There are no conditions on Bryan’s return whatsoever. He’s completely cleared. In reality, he’s been more thoroughly tested than anyone else on the roster and the WWE will know more about Bryan’s brain than anyone else on their roster.

Here’s where it gets really really dumb and categorically exposes Meltzer’s lack of knowledge. Our sources have revealed that ALL talents are tested monthly, regardless of their history. The WWE are able to conduct these tests for just $20 a time, based on the fact the Doctor who invented them WORKS FOR THE DAMN WWE. Therefore, Meltzer’s story wouldn’t even be news if he had a single source in the WWE to tell him this!

ImPACT, the company who conduct the testing, was developed by neuropsychologist Mark Lovell, the CEO of ImPACT Applications Inc., along with University of Pittsburgh neurosurgeon Joseph Maroon, who works for the WWE.

The test is taken on a computer and begins with a health history and inventory of concussion-related symptoms such as headache and mental fogginess. Then participants must remember various words and shapes, and click the mouse button in games designed to measure their reaction time.

The idea is that each student or professional athlete would take the test once before the season starts, and then again after a head injury. If he scored substantially lower on the second try, he’d be kept off the field until he could match his baseline score or otherwise get full clearance from a doctor.

With this information now known to us, coupled with the fact that ALL talents are tested regardless, this is will be another story added to ever increasing list of FAKE NEWS posted by Meltzer.