Kayfabe lies: Alexa Bliss to launch her own wrestling school

Kayfabe lies completely make up a story to fill in the blanks that the WWE writers did not.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is set to launch her own wrestling school. According to our sources plans are place to launch the “Kick Punch Academy” later on this year.

The Dirty Sheets reached out to one of the trainers to find out how the school plans to differ from the WWE Performance Center. The trainer said:

“Alexa didn’t find the Performance Center particularly helpful, and at times, found it rather laborious. Alexa’s success has proven that you don’t need to spend years trying to master irrelevant aspects of the business and the Kick Punch Academy is designed to get you to where you need to be much quicker.”

The trainer continued:

“We don’t teach suplexes, holds and submissions. The Kick Punch Academy focuses primarily on the most important aspects of wrestling- that being, kicking and punching. When you enrol onto the one month course, the school will take you through a vigorous 3 week crash course of kicking, punching and learning how to fall. Then in the final week, Alexa will come in herself to teach the students her dreaded DDT. Once students can show they are ready to kick, punch, fall and hit the DDT, you will be ready to graduate from the Kick Punch Academy.”