The Top 20 WrestleMania moments (11-15)

The WWE often talk about WrestleMania moments. This isn’t a list of the best matches, but simply a list of unforgettable individual moments that have become immortalised.

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Here are the next 5 WrestleMania moments in our countdown:

11. “They’re shaking hands!” Austin turns heel at WrestleMania X-Seven: This would’ve charted a lot higher if it didn’t ultimately fail, but the image of Austin and McMahon shaking hands after a 4 year feud, will never be forgotten- especially as it followed an incredible match between The Rock and Austin.

12. The boyhood dream at WrestleMania XII: Many would rank this higher, but given the other moments on the list, I just couldn’t rank it ahead of any of them. Yes, Michaels won the title. But the Iron Man match is hugely over-rated, and knowing Michaels was a huge pr*ck from 1993-1998, certainly diminishes the moment.

13. Rollins cashes in at WrestleMania 31: Arguably the WWE were forced to do this, as Reigns wasn’t over as a babyface and Lesnar had just inked a multi-year deal and it made no sense to beat him. Nonetheless, it was still an incredible and shocking moment, and thus far, stands alone as the only WrestleMania Money in the Bank cash-in.

14. Savage & Elizabeth re-unite at WrestleMania VII: It was the perfect WrestleMania moment. WWE tried to recapture it’s magic by having Cena propose to Niki Bella, but got nowhere near. Savage and Elizabeth were loved by all, as a couple. When they re-united after being a part for over two years, fans popped huge and even cried. Elizabeth emerged from the crowd, following Savage’s loss to the Ultimate Warrior in the career ending match, and in typical wrestling fashion, saved him from Sensational Sherri (Savage’s manager at the time), who attacked Savage following the loss.

15. Mayweather KO’s the Big Show at WrestleMania 24: Like with Tyson, the WWE got what they wanted out of this. The visual of the world’s most famous boxer, in a WWE ring, was EVERYWHERE. Especially the visual of Mayweather KO’ing the Big Show for the “W.”