Exclusive: News on Strowman’s potential partner and Mixed Match info & “SPOILER”

We have received information that Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss, known as Team Little Big, could be continuing their association with one another, despite their Mixed Match exit.

Our sources have revealed that the WWE are producing some Little Big merchandise, and have even had the pair film an episode of Ride Along together, that won’t air until AFTER WrestleMania.

This may be an indication that Alexa Bliss could be chosen as Strowman’s partner after her loss to Nia Jaxx. Although, I’m still personally in favour of Curt Hawkins. Meh.

Additionally, we have also been told about a range of Mattel figures, that will feature pairings from the Mixed Match Challenge, which will include a Team Little Big pack.

The Mixed Match Challenge will conclude next week, with Miz and Asuka set to emerge victorious, as we reported at the start of the tournament. When they win, our $40 Patrons will land $750 from our betting tip.

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