Exclusive: Bray Wyatt poised to make history at WrestleMania

Bray Wyatt is set to make history at WrestleMania 34, for all the wrong reasons. Bray is in serious danger of becoming the first ACTIVE superstar in company history to defend the WWE Championship at a WrestleMania, and then fail to have a match on the main card of the following WrestleMania.

There are five other stars who fall into the same category as Wyatt, however, they either left, retired or were injured before the following WrestleMania.

Those five superstars are The Rock (WrestleMania 29), Batista (WrestleMania 21), Shawn Michaels (WrestleMania 12), Sycho Sid (WrestleMania 13) and Ric Flair (WrestleMania 8).