Exclusive: Disappointing news about WWE Women’s revolution

The Dirty Sheets have received disappointing news about the WWE’s women’s revolution.

Whilst enquiring about the WWE’s long-term plans for the women, including plans for them to headline WrestleMania 35, our sources pointed out that the WWE will be pushing the agenda, whether it’s organic or not.

Our source then pointed out a specific incident in Abu Dhabi, where the WWE had members of their production team chant, “this is hope!” The company then publicised that the chant had been started organically by the audience, to numerous media outlets. The WWE have also continually plugged the chant on their own television.

The inside source revealed:

“This is the direction, whether people want it or not, whether it’s organic or not. It’s an easy way to get them mainstream exposure and it’s a way to hit a new fanbase they haven’t exploited before. The WWE have never targeted girls aged 5-14. That is the goal here.”

6 thoughts on “Exclusive: Disappointing news about WWE Women’s revolution

  1. How is this disappointing? WWE making a concious effort to get a womens revolution over? Its a scripted show its their job to do this.

  2. If your source is legitimate you are either being given bs & you are too thick to verify or else your misogyny is motivating you to post these lies. I have friends in the UAE who attended the Abu Dhabi shows & confirm the ” this is hope” originated from the public & the chants were in both English and Arabic. Don’t be hate obsessed wankers.

    1. You have friends? 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t use lies to win an argument- trolls like you don’t have friends… I’ll stick to our 95% accurate sources over some lonely trolling sad fat loser prick 🤪

  3. Women should be pushed extra hard. Especially after all the damage women’s wrestling suffered between 1997-2015. Fans aren’t going to reject women’s wrestling (like they’ve rejected Roman Reigns) because the women’s roster is a very solid, and talented roster.

    1. Women were fantastic between 1997 and 2006, that’s how you should use them.. Sunny and Sable made more money than any other women.. that says it all

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