Exclusive: Justin Barrasso embarrasses himself AGAIN

Justin Barrasso, the most non-credible wrestling journalist in the industry has posted yet another nonsensical story that will inevitably end up being incorrect! Yet, the moronic wrestling websites continue to pick him garbage stories, despite the fact Barrasso is a laughing stock. Some of his most embarrassing stories include reporting that, Dolph Ziggler had re-signed with the WWE for $1.5m a year, more than Roman Reigns’ guaranteed salary, and that John Cena would be facing Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 34.

Barrasso continued with the Mysterio nonsense this week, by claiming that Mysterio would be Braun Strowman’s Tag Team partner at WrestleMania 34.

This is absolutely NOT the plan.

It’s not known if Barrasso is being given this news as a joke, or if he’s just an insane fantasist, that makes this stuff up for attention.

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  1. You guys are still to god damn concerned with what other people are saying. It makes you out to be a petulant child. Do your shit, don’t be an immature dick.

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