Exclusive: More information about Rusev being added to US Championship match + Meltzer steals ANOTHER Dirty Sheets story

We have received many questions about Rusev being moved to the US Championship, mainly asking why the US Championship match is seen as a reward and a better spot than winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

According to our sources, the standard pay-off for appearing at WrestleMania is a flat $5000. This is what the pre-show Battle Royal will pay. However, appearing on the main card pays out a minimum of $30,000, depending on where the match is positioned, plus DVD royalties. Therefore, Rusev is instantly a minimum of $25,000 better off due to the decision, and likely to end up around $35,000 better off, overall.

Many readers have also pointed out that Dave Meltzer once again STOLE the story we posted yesterday, which you can read here:

Exclusive: Why Rusev was added to the US Championship match

Meltzer was quick to steal the story and claim it as his own, as usual. Based on this being the fifth time this has happened, Meltzer will be issued legal action later today.