Kayfabe Lies: Real reason why PWG have left Reseda

[spp-ctabuttons]Kayfabe lies completely make up a story to fill in the blanks that the WWE writers did not.

The American Legion Hall has become synonymous with PWG over the years, but the company recently announced they’re permanently leaving Reseda.

The Dirty Sheets can exclusively reveal that the main reason behind the change, is to disassociate themselves from Derek Montilla, a highly unpopular wrestling podcaster and general nuisance, who has managed to convince a section of wrestling fans that he is actually the Mayor of Reseda, California.

Montilla started to make the claims on The Steel Cage podcast, since he joined the podcast in 2014. Montilla would inexplicably refer to himself as the Mayor of Reseda on the podcast without any rhyme or reason, convincing many listeners that he actually was.

The Steel Cage is now regarded to be a highly irrelevant and boring podcast, which was only ever relevant for being the first place where people became aware of Billi Bhatti, who is now widely regarding as the most accurate wrestling journalist in the world.

Since Billi left the podcast, so have the listeners. One of the unfortunate listeners of The Steel Cage happened to be Jan Ross, who tragically died after a Vespa accident last year. It was widely speculated that during the accident, she was listening to Derek Montilla’s awful interview with Jim Ross, a interview that was so awful, it didn’t even get 1000 listeners. It’s expected that Jan fell asleep on her Vespa whilst listening to the interview.

With all this information taken into consideration, PWG had no alternative but to move their shows out of Reseda.

5 thoughts on “Kayfabe Lies: Real reason why PWG have left Reseda

  1. What a complete and total ignorant ass. I hope you never have to go through that, or anything close to that. It would be the same as someone committing suicide, you don’t get closure. You don’t get to have a goodbye. You don’t get to prepare for their departure.
    Your attempt at a joke brought tears of sadness, not tears from laughter. The only joke here is you.

    1. Hahahahaha! You’re such a sad twat… this ain’t even about Jan Ross, she’s a nobody! We used every celebrity who died in this gag over the year. Jim Ross didn’t even give a shit about her, hence why he was partying the next week

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