Exclusive: Why the WrestleMania 34 betting lines were so wrong

As you know, several results went against people’s expectations last night, with the betting lines wrong about 5 matches on the card.

As we previously said, The Dirty Sheets were single handidly responsible for KILLING the betting lines last year.

Last July, I worked with Brian “Road-Dogg” James to implement a strategy that stopped the betting lines giving away the results, by advising the company to start betting their own money on two losers per card to mess up the lines.

Since SummerSlam 2017, the betting lines have now been wrong for 17 matches, meaning we have aided in killing the predictable betting lines and successfully changing the business for the better.

Fans need to understand that it’s good to be surprised, and it’s a better product if a source like us are NOT 95% accurate. The WWE should be taking steps to swerve people as much as possible, and last night we were significantly swerved on both the men’s WWE Title matches.

More news to follow…….