Exclusive: Major news regarding Finn Balor’s LGBT character

Several weeks ago, on our Raw in 30 Something Podcast, myself and Cav spoke about Stephanie McMahon’s idea for Finn Balor to play an empowered gay character. Despite being told that Triple H wasn’t in favour of using Balor that way, it doesn’t appear that we are seeing some sort of compromise, based on Finn Balor’s WrestleMania ring entrance and new line of merchandise.

It’ll be interesting to see if Balor simply remains as a character that represents the LGBT community, or whether the character does evolve into the empowered gay character that Stephanie was wanting.

Regardless of the direction, The Dirty Sheets were first again by a mile, further solidifying the fact that our sources are by far the most reliable sources in the wrestling news industry.

9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Major news regarding Finn Balor’s LGBT character

  1. Im waiting for the big exclusive on plans for Roman Reigns? Is he taking the Universal Title at Greatest Royal Rumble or is he headed on a different path?

  2. I am WWE media you dickhead! You just don’t get nothing newsworthy on those calls! It’s funny, you dumb Cunts ignore my press seats and press passes, that I regularly post, yet come on here with your fantasy bullshit!
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  3. I hope for the sake of Balor that this gets scrapped. This is horrible for him, he should be focusing on building Balor Club to be an offshoot of what Bullet Club was in New Japan not this SJW tripe pushing sexually deviant behavior. HHH was completely right about this being a horrible idea.

  4. Shocked Billi didn’t delete the comment ability on every “news” article here. What a tool. Give us some more scoops, please. Tell me who is going to win at Wrestlemania, it’s only been over for a week, you should have some insight into what happened by now.

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