Exclusive: Why Rusev was pulled from Undertaker match. Done with WWE?

Shortly after announcing The Undertaker was set to face Rusev in Casket Match, at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev was quickly pulled from the match, and replaced by Chris Jericho.

The reasons behind Rusev being pulled, centre around a tweet he posted and a TMZ interview with Lana. Both of which, the WWE felt were disrespectful towards The Undertaker.

This was the TMZ interview with Rusev and Lana:


This interview was shortly followed by this tweet:

Rusev responded angrily to the news he had been pulled by completely changing the look of his Twitter account:

This has lead to further speculation that Rusev has asked for release from the company. The Dirty Sheets were the FIRST and ONLY Website to EXCLUSIVELY report that both Rusev and Lana asked for their releases last year, a story we were criticised for at the time, because the release didn’t transpire.

Well, as usual, our critics have to lower their heads and eat sh*t, because look where we are now!

This is the story that we exclusively reported back on August 23rd:

The truth is, Rusev has been very unhappy with his position in the company for some time. Rusev was originally slated to work a major WWE Title program with Randy Orton, when he returned last June, but it was dropped when the company opted to make Jinder Mahal the WWE Champion. Prior to that, Rusev was punished with losses, when he cut his hair without the WWE’s permission. Following his humiliating quick loss to Randy Orton at SummerSlam 2017, Rusev finally asked for his release, along with Lana, as we correctly reported at the time.

In recent months, Rusev had found amazing popularity via his Rusev Day gimmick. However, despite projecting huge merchandise sales over WrestleMania weekend and being super over with the WrestleMania crowds, Rusev wasn’t booked to win, with the WWE sticking to their plans to make Jinder Mahal the US Champion- another story which was EXCLUSIVELY reported by The Dirty Sheets. Rusev also came up short on SmackDown, in a Triple Threat match to determine the No.1 contender for the US Championship- which was won by Randy Orton.

Despite all of the reasons pointing to Rusev leaving the WWE, The Dirty Sheets have received some very interesting information which may cast some serious doubts over Rusev being released by the company. We post the information up later on, exclusively on our Patreon page.

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