Exclusive: Rumor killer on Paige being SmackDown GM

  1. Brian Alvarez, of the Wrestling Observer, commented on Paige becoming SmackDown GM, claiming it was last minute decision.

Alvarez said:

“On Monday Paige did her retirement promo and in her promo, she pretty much said you’re not gonna see me again, like I’m outa here. Then the next day she was the SmackDown GM. That decision was made on Tuesday. It was a very, very last minute decision.”

We don’t know who Alvarez has been talking to, possibly the same people as his colleague Dave Meltzer, based on the fact Meltzer never gets anything correct either- but Alvarez’s theory/statement is completely wrong!

The decision to make Paige the GM was made over a week ago, when Jeff Jarrett and William Regal were informed that they were going in a different direction. Jarrett was originally lined up to take over NXT, contrary to reports he was going to take over SmackDown- and Regal was set to be promoted to SmackDown.

Vince McMahon decided that the WWE needed Paige in a prominent position to coincide with the release of “Fighting with my Family.” McMahon was behind the promo video that was produced and played to the WrestleMania crowds throughout WrestleMania weekend- and it was played at nausea. During the 15 hours of wrestling I watched over WrestleMania weekend, I saw the trailer, featuring The Rock, at least 10 times.