Exclusive: Inside information on Brock Lesnar’s new deal

As reported SEVERAL DAYS AGO on our WrestleMania review show, Brock Lesnar has signed an image rights deal with the WWE, not a renewal of his previous deal.

He has the same deal in place with the UFC. The WWE will be paying Lesnar $500,000 a year ($125,000 a quarter) to use his likeness, which will relate to merchandise etc. If the WWE want to use Brock, it’ll be $100,000 per a TV appearance and $500,000 to do an actual PPV/WWE Network match. He will also collect his standard 6% from merchandise sales.

UFC will be paying Brock anywhere from $5m-$10m to fight for them, depending on the card and opponent. Lesnar isn’t expected to fight until December, where he is likely to face the winner of Miocic-Cormier. If that fight goes ahead, Lesnar will pocket closer to $10m, rather than $5m.

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