Patreon Exclusive: Possible plans for Bryan/Miz

Our sources have told us that, despite being on different brands, as things stand, Seth Rollins will still face The Miz at Backlash- and NOT Daniel Bryan, despite the WWE hinting at immediately starting the Miz-Bryan programme last night.

We are being told that the WWE are planning to start the Bryan vs Miz feud immediately after Backlash, however, the company do intend to build to the match, rather than throwing it away at the earliest opportunity (much like they did with Bryan vs AJ).

However, those that have SmackDown house show tickets for May, will see the match before TV and PPV audiences, as the WWE feel the match will aid in selling out arenas. It will almost certainly be added to the European Tour, which still has many tickets left to sell.

As we correctly reported on Patreon last night, the Intercontinental and US Championships are likely to be hot potatoes for the next few weeks, until they both inevitably end up on seperate brands (Raw currently have both).

This was our report from yesterday:

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