Dirty Sheets nail Superstar Shake-Up news, whilst Meltzer epically fails, AGAIN

The Dirty Sheets were once again the No.1 source for wrestling news when it came to the Superstar Shake-Up.

Our various reports revealed most of the major draft picks, in addition to accurately reporting plans relating to the Intercontinental and US Championships.

Below, are some extracts from our reports, most of which are from our Patreon page, which you can sign up to by going to:


Whilst The Dirty Sheets were spot on with the information we put out, our poor old friend Dave Meltzer, once again, had another horrible week.

Meltzer informed his $11 a month Observer subscribers, that the WWE would be bringing up the Velveteen Dream from NXT and that Bray Wyatt would be turning on Matt Hardy to lead Sanity, who were drafted to a different brand. We seriously don’t know who’s feeding him this garbage, but it’s becoming embarrassing at this point.

We urge fans still paying $11 a month for the Observer, to save yourself $6 a month, by signing up to our Patreon page for just $5 a month. Not only will be saving money, but you’ll be swapping inaccurate made up garbage for the most accurate information in the industry.

However, it’s your call…

I guess it can be fun to read completely false information and feel swerved when you see something completely different on TV.