Exclusive: Major rumour killer regarding Braun Strowman

Ever since WrestleMania, there have been many rumours circulating regarding plans for Braun Strowman’s original partner at WrestleMania.

Going into the show, many people expected Bray Wyatt to be Strowman’s partner, after the two posted a photo together on a plane, days before WrestleMania, which fooled a lot of fake news journalists into reporting Wyatt was actually the partner. However, Justin Barrasso, the biggest clown of them all, remained consistent with his narrative that Rey Mysterio would be appearing at WrestleMania- and that he would be Strowman’s partner.

Most recently, clickbait garbage website, Give Me Sport, chipped in with their fictitious version of what was “meant to happen,” when they stated that Strowman’s partner was meant to be Bobby Lashley- simply because the pair have been teaming up lately.

The Dirty Sheets can reveal that all of the above, are complete and utter garbage!!

As The Dirty Sheets exclusively reported from DAY ONE, via our Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheDirtySheets), the plan was for Braun Strowman to look super strong on the grandest stage of them all, and single-handily win the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. According to our sources, MAJOR NAMES, were NEVER discussed as this was NOT the story the company were telling!

Leading into WrestleMania, the likes of Curt Hawkins, James Ellsworth and Michael Cole were discussed, however, the company eventually went with the more unique idea of having 10 year old, Nicholas, and Strowman winning the titles.