Exclusive: Undertaker’s original WrestleMania plans

As we exclusively reported over WrestleMania weekend, The Undertaker was set to portray a cross between his American Bad Ass character and the original Dead Man character. His entrance would’ve started with the traditional gong- however, after a 30-40 seconds, Undertaker would have unveiled an American flag in the lining of his jacket. This would’ve lead to Kid Rock appearing to sing the American Bad Ass theme.

These plans were scrapped the day before WrestleMania, when the WWE received complaints about Kid Rock’s Hall of Fame speech, where he aired controversial political views- resulting in the WWE opting to send Kid Rock home and cancelling The Undertaker’s entrance.

The WWE had this entrance planned several weeks out and even produced T-shirts for WrestleMania weekend.

These T-shirts were originally sold at WrestleMania Axxess but were pulled on the day of WrestleMania, as sold out signs were placed on them. They also were not sold at Raw.

We previously reported that the item was clearly not sold out, and that the WWE simply pulled the T-shirts to not mislead and disappoint the fans at WrestleMania.

Now, a month after WrestleMania, our original report has been proven to be accurate, as the WWE are selling the rest of the unsold T-shirts on WWE.com.

If you wish to purchase this T-shirt or anything else from the current WWE Shop sale, please click here