CM Punk FINALLY confirms what “CM” stands for, during Punk vs Amann trial

[spp-ctabuttons]During the CM Punk vs Doctor Amann trial yesterday, CM Punk finally revealed what the “CM” in “CM Punk stood for. Punk confirmed that the “CM” stands for Chick Magnet.

CM Punk took stand mid-morning. His attorney asked if there’s anything he’d change about Colt Cabana podcast. Punk said he swore a lot on there and wouldn’t today. He Acknowledged being bitter back then and wrestling being his whole life. He claimed there were lots of things on the podcast that he just doesn’t care about anymore.

When asked about why did he do the podcast? Punk said he’d left the WWE and hadn’t told his side of the story- meanwhile, the WWE had made statements about him, “kind regard of like going through a divorce.” Punk added, “I just wanted to set the record straight for my fans.” The podcast was meant to be his truthful story. It was “just two friends talking,” he said, referring to his longtime close friend, Colt Cabana, who said they often saw each other daily when both were in town.

Punk testified to his health from 2013-2014, said it wasn’t good. He cited headaches, sleeplessness, dizzy, neck couldn’t support head, nausea, cranky. He stated “I’m sure I wasn’t fun to be around.”