Opinion: Are WWE killing Bobby Lashley’s character?

Nobody can pin-point the exact moment or segment where the WWE went wrong with Roman Reigns, but what we do know is that Roman has been beyond salvaging since the 2015 Royal Rumble. However, when Lashley is being booed in 6 months time, fans can categorically point to this current feud with Sami Zayn- namely the terrible interview where he spoke about his sisters.

Whilst fans are crying out for storylines, this kind of garbage isn’t what anyone wants to see. Lashley and Zayn have tried their best to carry the poor material, however, they haven’t been able to pull it off- and the blame must lie firmly with the writers.

With a solid MMA record and numerous wrestling accomplishments, Lashley should’ve returned to the WWE a hero. His legitimate credibility should’ve made him the easiest guy to book in the company. The WWE have massively dropped the ball here and only have their own creative team to blame.