Exclusive: The UK miss out of King of the Ring, TWICE

The UK have seemingly missed out on a King of the Ring tournament for the SECOND time. The tournament previously billed as the UK King of the Ring tournament is now just being referred to as the United Kingdom Championship Tournament.

That wasn’t completely unexpected. When Triple H spoke of the tournament, he never directly mentioned it being a King of the Ring tournament. Then when the WWE promoted the two day special, they never mentioned the KOTR name again, including when attempting to sell tickets.

Knowing that many fans had spotted the the King of the Ring title in a WWE Network preview video, and sensing the enthusiasm on social media, the WWE still wanted to give fans a King of the Ring tournament and allocated the August 29th show at the O2 in London as the time and place.

However, according to our sources, those plans now appear to be cancelled, with the WWE deciding against doing the tournament in the UK- and instead, opting to add Ronda Rousey to the line-up to compensate. It still remains to be seen if the WWE will air the UK show. It does seem very strange to fly the entire Raw roster to the UK for a non-televised house show.