Patreon Exclusive: The REAL reason why Big Cass was released

So you have probably already read the bulls*it about Big Cass and why he has been released.

It started weeks ago when Ryan Shitstain/Wrestlevotes (same person) claimed that Cass had heat for excessively beating up a midget. This was completely made up. If Cass had heat with the company, he wouldn’t even have been on TV. Just look at the likes of Mike Bennett and Tye Dillinger. You wouldn’t be booked into a high priority program with Daniel Bryan, where you got to leave him laying on several occasions. Ryan Shitstain is a cancer who’s fake news should simply be ignored.

There was also a version put out by Justin Barrasso. Barrasso is known for having a 0% accuracy rate, reporting bullshit like, Cena vs Mysterio at WrestleMania instead of Cena vs Taker, to name one of his multiple pieces of fabricated nonsense. Barrasso is claiming that our boy Cass was drunk on the European tour and even broke down a toilet door. Seriously Barrasso, your skills are wasted doing fake wrestling news for Sports Illustrated- go and become a soap writer. Days of our Lives would definitely hire you, I have no doubt.

Anyway, enough with the fabricated bullcrap and fantasy, we can now reveal what actually happened…

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