Exclusive: Are WWE booking Daniel Bryan’s farewell tour?

According to our sources, the WWE are booking Daniel Bryan with the mindset that he’s leaving the company in 3-6 months time, however, the door is still wide open for him to sign the deal that’s on the table.

The WWE are viewing Bryan’s current run as somewhat of a “farewell tour,” which is why they have given away matches against AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, Shelton Benjamin and The Hell No reunion, in a such a short time. This would usually be a year’s worth of booking, however, the WWE want to maximise Bryan’s run if they fail to keep him. This may include jobbing out Bryan to The Miz at SummerSlam.

The current plan for Extreme Rules, is for The Miz to prevent Team Hell No from becoming the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, leading to a match against Bryan at SummerSlam, where he will defeat Bryan.

There are talks of doing two matches, with Bryan defeating The Miz at SummerSlam, but with The Miz getting his revenge in their decisive encounter at Hell in the Cell- if they can get Bryan to agree to a short term extension. Our sources believe that Bryan will sign a 3 month extension until December 1st, which will allow him to work Hell in the Cell and the WWE’s events in Australia and Saudi Arabia.