Video: PROOF that The Dirty Sheets are 100% CORRECT about Daniel Bryan

For anyone who’s ever been STUPID enough to doubt us, watch this video:

We have been at the forefront of the Daniel Bryan situation, from as far back as January, when we exclusively revealed that he was trying to get fully cleared, after the WWE told him that they were willing to let him tag with Shane McMahon in a “limited capacity.” The fact we reported this in January, means we have already landed the story of the year for 2018, nobody will EVER take that away from us.

However, this latest interview with Bryan confirms that we are STILL undeniably the No.1 source, with every story we have put out, all but confirmed by Bryan.

In the interview, Bryan confirms that:

• He IS looking for more creative control and DOES give his ideas. He even cites John Cena as an example. We reported that Bryan was looking for some creative control and that John Cena was advising Bryan about his future (20 minute mark).

• His dream opponent isn’t Nakamura or AJ Styles, but BROCK LESNAR, and that he wants to work him- ideally at a WrestleMania (24 minute mark). This was exclusively reported by us, and ridiculed by various losers in various forums.

• Bryan DID ask for his release if he wasn’t cleared, which we exclusively reported last year when we posted the heavily cited story, “use me or lose me.”

We OWN the news. Thank you for your support.

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