Exclusive: What WWE didn’t tell you about Bray Wyatt’s accident

Yesterday afternoon, the WWE sent out a press release informing the media and fans that Bray Wyatt had been involved in a head-on crash crash and that he would absent from Raw.
However, what the WWE didn’t acknowledge, was that JoJo was also involved in car crash with Wyatt. The WWE are still not willing to acknowledge the fact that Wyatt is romantically involved with the ring announcer, due to the negative press the pair have already garnered.
Wyatt was caught having an affair with JoJo by ex-wife, leading to his divorce. In addition to this- as exclusively reported by The Dirty Sheets, his ex-wife’s lawyers embarrassingly involved the WWE in the proceedings, by legally demanding information relating to Wyatt’s earnings. This resulted in Wyatt landing in the company’s bad books and dropping down the card.