Exclusive: Daniel Bryan signs new deal with WWE

The Dirty Sheets have been at the forefront of all things relating to Daniel Bryan throughout 2018. We were the ONLY site to report that Bryan was attempting to get full clearance in December 2017 and that a tag match against Owens and Zayn was on the table for WrestleMania (with Bryan originally set to participate in a limited capacity, before clearance was granted). Whilst The Dirty Sheets were single-handily completely on top of the situation, other sites continued to wrongly resign Bryan to the Japanese and independent scenes.

Lately, we have been the only site to accurately report news relating to his on-going contract negotiations, highlighting creative issues, a lighter schedule and a desire to work with Brock Lesnar- facts that were ALL confirmed by Bryan in a recent interview.

After months of negotiations, we can now confirm that Daniel Bryan has opted to sign a short 3-month contract extension, beginning on September 1st and ending on December 1st. This deal is in place, so that Bryan can work shows in Australia and Saudi Arabia, and the Survivor Series, whilst contract negotiations continue for a long-term deal. It’s being said that a long-term deal can replace the 3 month deal anytime, however, its more likely that Bryan will begin his new deal on January 1st, giving him full control of his obligations during December, where he strongly wishes to spend time with his family.

According to our sources, the parties aren’t too far from agreeing on a new deal. Whilst creative control hasn’t been granted by the WWE, a “right to refusal” has been agreed upon, along with a lighter schedule. With Bryan’s main concerns no longer an issue, he’s now 99% likely to pen a new long-term deal with the company.