Extreme Rules Betting Picks now available

After winning our Patreon subscribers over $3825 in 2018, out Extreme Rules Betting Picks are now available on Patreon, by going to the link, below:


Not only will you receive Betting Picks, but you’ll receive all the exclusive latest breaking news. In the past few weeks alone, we have been solely responsible for revealing news about:

  • Brock Lesnar’s appearance at UFC 226 (see proof, with date, below) ✔
  • Daniel Bryan’s contract status ✔
  • Revealing Braun Strowman would face Kevin Owens in Cage at Extreme Rules ✔
  • Rey Mysterio re-signing with the WWE ✔
  • News on Ziggler and Rusev’s contract negotiations ✔
  • Inside information about Bray Wyatt’s car accident ✔