Exclusive: Main Event talent blamed and de-pushed for poor feud with Roman Reigns

[spp-ctabuttons]For those hoping that Roman Reigns will eventually be pushed down the card, due to continuous poor feuds, poor crowd reactions and poor merchandise sales- better be prepared to have their hopes crushed. Roman Reigns isn’t going anywhere, and that latest plight of Jinder Mahal, proves that.

After having a program with Roman Reigns, that concluded with a horrible match at Money in the Bank (which the crowd the shit all over), Jinder Mahal hasn’t been seen on TV since. This is because poor Jinder has been held responsible for the failure of the feud, with Roman Reigns seemingly blameless for any of it.

According to our source, during a de-briefing meeting after the Money in the Bank PPV, officials conceded the match between Reigns and Mahal had been a disaster. However, it was determined that the reasoning for this was because the company made a mistake pairing Reigns up with Mahal, as Mahal wasn’t a believable enough opponent- leading to the conclusion that Mahal has failed to establish himself as a main event performer, despite the company’s investment in him.