Exclusive: WWE facing major dilemma over multiple deaths

The WWE have held talks this morning regarding the deaths of Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher.

The WWE held the meetings to discuss how they could acknowledge the death of Volkoff, who WWE are keen to pay tribute to, without acknowledging the death of Christopher- who the WWE usually wouldn’t acknowledge, as his death was a suicide. The WWE usually ignore suicide or drug-related deaths (Chris Benoit, Test, Umaga, Kanyon, Sean O’Haire, Lance Cade, Crash Holly and others).

However, the company are astutely aware of the backlash they will receive from the fans, if they acknowledge one death and ignore the other. Vince McMahon is also keen to be respectful to his long-time employee and friend, Jerry Lawler, who McMahon spoke to last night- according to our sources.

It’s believed that the feelings of Lawler, may dictate what direction the WWE go in, meaning it’s possible that we will see the WWE break their own rules, and acknowledge both the deaths on Raw, via a photo tribute. Neither man will receive a video package.

The WWE have already acknowledged both deaths via WWE.Com.