Clueless No DQ Virgin tries to dispute Dirty Sheets’ story

Aaron Rift, the clueless virgin who runs NoDQ.Com- the most pointless wrestling site in existence, has attempted to dispute our story about The Rock’s $20 million offer from the Saudi Arabian Sports Authority- citing his busy schedule as a reason for it not being true. Stating that The Rock has a busy schedule is like stating there the Sun will rise tomorrow- we all know that The Rock has a busy schedule Aaron, you moron.

The story we put out stated that there was an OFFER, just as there was an OFFER for both the Ultimate Warrior and Yokozuna to wrestle in Saudi Arabia- despite both being dead. There have been concrete offers for The Rock, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan Shawn Michaels and many others- with both Michaels and Hogan accepting monumental offers to return, thus far.

No DQ, Sportskeeda, Ringside News, Wrestling Inc and all the other pointless copycat wrestling websites have ZERO sources in the wrestling industry and simply leach onto whatever the likes of Mike Johnson and Dave Meltzer say, and recite their information as fact. The owners of these sites have zero credibility, information or links to the WWE. Just look at Aaron Rift. This guy is clearly a virgin, living with his cat, producing videos from a cheap one bedroom flat. He’s the epitome of what makes wrestling lame.

It’s worth noting, that despite Meltzer’s news being less than 10% accurate in the last 5 years and with Johnson being around 50-50, The Dirty Sheets have remained over 90% accurate since we launched on Christmas Day in 2016- and we continue to REFUSE to affiliate with these bullshit sites, despite multiple offers from the likes of Wrestlezone, Wrestling Inc and many others. Despite originally formulating with partnerships with Sportskeeda, WrestleTalk TV, Wrestling Inc and The Steel Cage Podcast, we continually realised that affiliating with all of the aforementioned, was damaging our credibility- due to the fact they would cite the likes of Meltzer alongside us- making them clickbait content whores- something we are completely disinterested in associated with.